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Is Quartz a Healing Crystal?

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Crystal healers do use quartz. It is a stone of clarity and power, said to add energy to any other crystals you are using. Think of it as a power-up in a computer game. If you are interested in the properties of Scottish highland smoky quartz, keep reading…

Though the healing properties of crystals are frowned on by serious geologists and mineral collectors, we are an open minded bunch here at TSC. We can be serious or we can get physical – metaphysical. Do you see what we did there? Either way you should stick around for the giggles.

When You Are Not a Crystal Healer – But You Do Sell Them!

Although Reiki attuned and spiritual myself, I oddly don’t have the crystal healing skill. While I wonder deep down if the Reiki is responsible for the great energy folks say our crystals have in them, I think the TSC role in this is to get them out there, rather than to use them ourselves. You can read all about how to become a crystal healer in this book by Karen Frazier.

As a result of this, and not wanting to rely on recycled internet articles about crystals, we decided to turn to the most trusted providers of modern metaphysical/occult information and ask them which properties our Scottish mountain smoky quartz has.

We turned to the lovely #Witchtok community from couple of turns round the algorithm dial from us crystal peeps.

What is Scottish Highlands Smoky Quartz Crystal good For?

When we asked #Witchtok to tell us what energy Scottish Smoky Quartz from the mountains of the Scottish Highlands has, they answered big time.

According to #Witchtok TSC mountain quartz has:

· A balancing energy between light and dark. (top answer)

· Lavender energy, soul energy

· Protective, face your fears without worry.

· Grounding

· Mystical Strength

· Intuitive gifts

· Healing

· Clarity, calm, and soothing (repeated a few times)

· It hits the solar plexus chakra.

· That’s the yellow one, third one up from your root.

Watch the video and have a wee read at the comments for yourself. We always welcome new followers on Tik Tok!

Where to Buy Smoky Quartz in Scotland?

You can buy traditional, self-collected smokey quartz from the Highlands right here in The Stone Circle – a rockhounding crystal shop in Scotland. We sell it by the 500g, by the single piece, or in larger pieces we pick out for their darkness or clarity in separate lots. It’s special stuff that you can learn about in our blog or buy from our Etsy Shop, instead.

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