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Scottish Agate | Gemstones, Agate Geodes, Jasp-Agate and More!

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

We have a varied mix of polished and unpolished Scottish agates for sale. Some have come from the south, and some have come from the east, to the north.

We took a trip up to Angus late in 2020 and managed to find a few agates around the area. Most have that slight blue tinge that you get when amethyst is nearby. It’s a high silica agate that almost resembles a common opal. The north east agates are mainly striped in banding, with large crystal pockets in some.

To the south and west, agates are pinker, come in both banded and crystal pocket form, and many have tubular pockets that run through. These tubes present as circles of colour where you cut them horizontally. Very rarely we come across greens, most of the time they are pink, toffee coloured, or blue.

In both areas we have found agate geodes only occasionally. Some have amazing black smoky quartz crystals inside; some have little amethyst crystal caves. We find a large volume of the fiery coloured Jasp-agate in the south west, which is a blend of transparent, often banded or fortified, chalcedony, with some of the layers being opaque, bright red jasper.

We occasionally find whole agate nodules, which we cut open on the tile saw (TSC uses this model). We hand polish some specimens of Scottish agate, to give a high shine to the faces. We also find small agate pieces which we sell in our small agate jars.

Interestingly, we find lots of a chalcedony type of mineral called Diackethyst. These tiny nodules look like small brains but are essentially just tiny nodules of agate. We don’t cut them open because our saw is too big, so we often put them in our agate vials, instead. The Diackethyst are easily recognisable as they are small, round, bumpy, and partially transparent.

Diackethyst is a local name. Other parts of the world might call them agate pebbles. At any rate,

each one of them is a tiny natural crystal and evidence that lava once flowed under Scotland. These little nodules were formed when bubbles rose through the lava. As it cooled, the larger agates cooled and heated in layers. These tiny chalcedony pebbles must have been tiny bubbles of one specific gas.

What’s the Meaning of Agate?

In crystal healing and energy use, agate is said to represent good luck. Wearing agate or keeping some in your pocket, will bring you luck when you are going through hard times. Wear an agate necklace to that job interview and be sure to keep a fragment of it in your glove compartment. Team it with quartz for extra power.

Agate is a fun stone because the layers have different chalcedony colours wrapped in a bubbly skin. It has a relaxed, positive vibration, that takes its time to gently seep into your being. Once it’s in there, however, crystal healing says it can heal troubled dreams, help ebb you into meditations easier, and bring spiritual calmness.

Agates are fascinating! If you would like to buy some, please browse our shop to see what Scottish agates we currently have for sale. Each of our Scottish agates were hand-picked from one of our sites, and some have been hand-polished for better showing.

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