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What we have here are the results of a few months of tumbling rocks. We add in smaller material while tumbling the bigger rocks and minerals. This adds friction to the barrel, giving a better finish.

For the last few years we have either put these into little glass bottles or left them aside in a wee green tub. The wee green tub keeps getting fuller, so here we are.

Although we do love recyclable and reusable materials here at The Stone Circle, in some instances the glass bottles have shattered. The only remaining option was to switch to a plastic bottle instead.

Where did these Scottish rocks, crystals, and minerals come from?

These are from all over the country. You will find agates and jaspers from east and west Ayrshire, from the Clyde Valley, and from Fife and Angus. There are southern Highlands and lowland quartz chips. There is chalcedony and calcite in this mixed bottle of rocks.

Please reuse this bottle. We will feel bad if you don't.

100ml bottle of Scottish Pebbles, reusable bottle, rough and polished

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