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This bag full of tumbles I picked up at a car boot sale comes from a special rock guy in Lanark. I don't have his details but I wish I did. He and his wife trade internationally for gemstones from all over the planet. She carves them up into owls and other animals. The reason I don't have details for them is that they are entirely offline. If you want to buy direct from them you can find them most Sundays, before 1pm, in the Lanark car boot sale which is beside the vets and the new cattle auction building.

Anyway, these are tumbled international crystals which this wee man trades in. You can note your preference on the order and if I don't have it left from what's in the picture I'll message you. If you trust me to pick a random one on your behalf, that's entirely more fun. Plus you might end up with the crystal you are meant to get, not the one you think you want.

1pc Tumbled Crystals, international.

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