Big Amethyst Point

Big Amethyst Point

Single Large Amethyst Point

This singular amethyst point came to us by way of a crystal collection. We aren't sure where this one came from, but we do know that it still has some clay around the bottom. We like clay on our crystals.

The point itself is roughly 185 grams. It is a big piece, fairly special just because of its size. Though light in colour, this is a large piece of amethyst that will make a great addition to your crystal collection.

Although this piece isn't one of our finds, you do get amethyst in Scotland. We recently came across a source which you can see on our YouTube channel . Keep an eye on our page because we will have some online soon!


What Is the Meaning of Amethyst?

Amethyst was worn by the ancient Greeks who believed that it would stop them from getting drunk. We wish we were joking – but it's true. The literal translation is “not intoxicated”, although this was very much a mistaken belief.

Amethyst is supposed to bring you clarity of purpose, cutting through the drunken fog or helping overcome addiction. It is the birthstone for the month of February, is a fantastic stone to keep around your bed if you have sleep issues, and it's calming properties make it a firm favourite for shrines, meditations, and achieving better spiritual awareness through crystal healing.