Big Scottish Druzy Quartz

Big Scottish Druzy Quartz

Big Scottish Druzy Quartz

Ideal for a mantelpiece, centrepiece, or as a paperweight, this mineral specimen shows off some of the better points of a Scottish Quartz druzy crystal. It is a full hand in length and half the same in width.

This is a clean piece, clean in energy as well as in neatness. It has beautiful pronounced quartz crystal formations on both ends, has a smoky centre, and has a calcite layer on the underside.

This big Scottish druzy quartz piece will be a talking point in your room. It's home décor with a natural twist. Ethically sourced and abundantly calming, this large rough gemstone specimen was found in the Southern Uplands of Scotland, in late 2020.


What does drusy quartz mean?

In terms of crystal healing, quartz is your master stone. It amplifies the resonance of your other crystals. Typically used for focus and clarity of thought, quartz is akin to jumping in the spiritual river, so to speak. It is a starting point and an end point... It is generally the first stone any of us

What makes quartz from The Stone Circle special? That it has been taken from the wilderness in Scotland, from the high places and the secret places, and it has been washed then delivered to you.

It is clean in energy, having the effect on your chakra that Shilajit has on your body.

It's all natural, we dug it, prised it, or found it on our rockhounding sessions, and it comes straight to you. IF it is polished, it is done by hand using progressive grits of sandpaper.

If you're looking for a healing crystal that has nothing but happy memories attached to it, our quartz for sale is some of the best you will find.