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The streams where I pan for gold are always full of this by the end of summer. Hematite and gold weigh just about the same, so despite one man's strong opinions on Tiktok about how I couldn't be panning properly if I was getting hematite instead of gold, you find them in the same place...right at the bottom of your panning hole.

This piece came from Dumfriesshire back on July 4th in 2022. I know the exact day because I went panning for my birthday. Normal panners dig down, find the gold, and toss away the worthless hematite. I like the worthless hematite best.

Fun fact: hematite is the original bloodstone because it bleeds red. If you streak it on ceramic or slate it leaves a red mark. This piece has a special botryoidal bubbly crystal formation. Whenever I see that on a rock I take it with me.

This is the last piece of the 2022 lot before I need to rock hunt for more. It's not an easy find. Though not as bubbly as the rest, you can see the traces of botryoidal formations in there.

Scottish Hematite Sample - the original bloodstone

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