Cairngorm Smoky Quartz Trio

Cairngorm Smoky Quartz Trio

3 Pcs Cairngorm Smoky Quartz


These three Cairngorm Quartz chunks are dark enough to astound any crystal user. Found at one of our favourite mountaintop spots, these three pieces are roughly the same size and are similar in clarity. 


Finding Cairngorm quartz for sale is a rare treat and it is even rarer that we come across pieces as full of depth as these are. They are smoky with pure black patches and good clarity. These quartz crystals have come from the mountain, been rinsed in cold Scottish water, and are ready to be shipped. 


If you licked them, you could probably still taste the mountain.



What makes Cairngorm Quartz so special? 


Cairngorm quartz is a culturally significant crystal to we Scots. It is this crystal that is used to make the pommels of the daggers worn with the traditional dress: the kilt. 


The dagger, known as the Sgian Dubh, is worn in place of a weapon when attending important events like weddings, funerals, and births. The story goes that this little knife was worn over the sock and revealed to the host as an act of trust. It is a hidden weapon that was never really hidden at all.


Smoky Quartz from the Cairngorm mountains is Scotland’s national stone – and for good reason. For generations Highlanders have collected the clearest, the blackest, and the most unblemished of these stones to sell to passing traders. 


Most importantly of all, there is only one place, in one country, in the whole world, where you can find Cairngorm smoky quartz – and that’s Scotland. What could be rarer than that?