Calcite Crystal on Quartz Bed

Calcite Crystal on Quartz Bed

Sparkling Twinned Calcite on a Quartz Bed


This piece is a favourite find that came from the Southern Uplands of Scotland in May, 2021. It was one of our first finds of the new year thanks to lockdown. 


This piece features a druzy quartz crystal with a twinned calcite crystal perched on top. It’s pretty, delicate, and we were very lucky to find it. 

If you like druzy quartz we sell them by the piece. This one is exceptional and so we listed it as a druzy quartz crystal for sale on its own.



What is Drusy Quartz?


A quartz druze is a tightly packed bed of small quartz crystals. They are renowned for their beauty and shimmer from all directions. Spirit quartz is often formed of druzy quartz in an elongated, finger-shaped growth.