Chalcopyrite Crystals on Needle Quartz

Chalcopyrite Crystals on Needle Quartz

Chalcopyrite Crystals on Needle Quartz

This dazzling chalcopyrite on quartz crystal specimen comes from a quarry in the Sauerland Region of Germany. Picked by one of our founders and brought all the way to the UK wrapped in cotton wool, we are delighted to add it to our rockhounded crystal collection.

Words (and photographs) can’t do justice to the natural beauty of this fine earth mineral. We are reluctant to sell it because it is so beautiful. It features a pale, flat-bottomed host rock covered with white and translucent needle quartz points. They are arranged in spray formations all over the piece, which measures roughly six inches by five, and two/three inches tall.

On top of these gloriously arranged fine quartz points, the chalcopyrite crystals are balanced in an aesthetically pleasing formation. There are some purer pyrite cubes on it, adding to the mix of textures and faces. This is a brilliant German crystal specimen that will make one collector extremely
happy… possibly us.


What Is Chalcopyrite?

Chalcopyrite is similar to pyrite, but the crystals aren’t cubic. There are other differences too, for example, chalcopyrite turns into peacock ore when it is exposed to acid. In crystal healing, chalcopyrite is known as a powerful chakra aligner. It is said to reduce inflammation and is favoured in its colourful varieties.

This piece features pure golden chalcopyrite… let it never be said that we treat our crystals with chemicals to make them rainbow coloured.

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