Chalcopyrite on hostrock

Chalcopyrite on hostrock

Speckled Chalcopyrite on Host Rock

This specimen of natural peacock ore was found in the Southern Uplands. It is around 3-4 inches in length and two in height. The upwards face of the rock is speckled with a dense dusting of chalcopyrite crystals. They are distinctive in shape and numerous in nature.

This makes a good example of natural Scottish Chalcopyrite crystals on host rock. You can learn more about our Chalcopyrite crystals for sale on The Stone Circle Blog.



What Does Chalcopyrite Mean in Crystal Healing?

The Chalcopyrite stone has the heavy earth energy of the iron, but it combines it with the regenerative properties of copper. Together, this stone is a great crystal for change. If you are going through a change of home, attending a new job, or have just emerged from a long relationship, Chalcopyrite, or peacock ore, will help you overcome the changes smoothly.

Chalcopyrite is not gold but is sometimes mistaken for gold. The peacock, too, is known for putting on a big show. If you want to make a good impression on someone – perhaps on a date or at a job interview – then peacock ore can help you set that scene.

Chalcopyrite is sometimes called the ‘Stone of the Mystic’ for two reasons. One, that shamans have historically used it to unblock chakras, and two, that it is related to the third eye, crown, and throat chakras. If these three chakra points are kept open, blockages farther down in the body can be washed away.