Clear Quartz Cluster

Clear Quartz Cluster

Clear/White Quartz Crystal Point Cluster

This beautiful piece has stand-out crystal formations on all sides. It is flat-bottomed naturally, so sits upright wonderfully. It is perfect for your cabinet, crystal collection, or for sitting on a mantelpiece.

Unfortunately, we don't know where this one came form. We occasionally find some nice pieces when a collection comes through our hands. This stunning quartz cluster is a good fine, even for us.

There is a slight crushing on one side but it pales in comparison to the overall finesse of this crystal quartz.


What does Quartz do in energy healing?

When used as a healing crystal, quartz is considered the master stone. It enhances the effects of other crystals, and carries a precise clarity that other crystals don't have. Quartz could be considered a more loving version of the suit of swords in a tarot deck.


How to use quartz in everyday life?

If you want to be able to think quickly, quartz comes in handy. It can be carried during quizzes, to business meetings and brainstorming sessions. It can be placed near your devices to help them work better. This is why we used to put quartz in watches. Carry it when you need to be intellectually on
point... but don't carry this piece in your pocket. It's far to valuable to risk the damage.