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This is a really cool calcite find from a location down in the Southern Uplands. The lowland hills are moody and wet, and it is amazing that any calcite survives. This piece shocked me when I found it because it's so clear. Any calcite I find is usually white, rose, or too dirty to clean up.

You should see from the pics that you can see through it. This transparent calcite piece has a rainbow sheen on both sides where the light refracts. Rainbow crystals are always appreciated at team TSC. This piece is a point though you need to look twice to see it. Maybe formation or crystal is a better description.

Clear Scottish Calcite Point Crystal

SKU: 6.777
  • What is the meaning of calcite in crystal healing? As we know from our many other ventures into calcite crystal selling, it is a great healer. Calcite is the same stuff that ancient builders used to grind into powder and use to restore strength to other stones. Calcite has this energy.

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