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Crinoid Stem Fossil from Scotland 


This pronounced, branch-like piece of Scottish fossil is a Crinoid Stem. About 320 million years ago, Scotland was a tropical location with lots of these little jellyfish and worm type creatures in shallow reefs. This piece was collected in Ayrshire, in Scotland, from an unsuspecting forest. 


This is a really nice example of this fossil type. We don’t know as much about fossils as we know about crystals, but we do know that you don’t routinely find crinoid stems this size, in this country. We think it’s pretty sensational and we are sure its new owner will too.



What are Fossils Used for?


Fossils are actually excellent for use in any ritual that requires dead things. Circles of protection, warding circles, and anything else you can think of that requires a dose of Pagan magic.  Fossils tend to work with the root chakra which suits their dense, heavy, ages old energy. 

You can read more about fossils on our fossil blog.


Crinoid Stem Fossil from Scotland

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