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This might be a reasonably small piece for the price but I cannot begin to describe to you how rare a find this piece is. Agatized Coral fossils just don't happen in the UK. I read an article when researching if I thought I'd found what I thought I did. The article said these are incredibly rare, to the point that it was probably something else. Having seen and found fossilized coral from Scotland, I recognise the formation.

This is a piece of coral that resembles the burrows of small creatures. You find it in East Lothian but this piece came from Ayrshire. You don't find Agatized Coral in Lothian.

I am so stoked with this find that I am keeping the other half in my personal collection. If you buy this we will be twinses. Lol.

Extremely Rare Scottish Agatized Coral

SKU: 10.90
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