Galena from the Scottish Hills

Galena from the Scottish Hills

Galena from the Scottish Hills

You recieve 1 random piece of Galena.


We have a few Galena samples for sale, ready to find their new home.
Galena is a lead bearing ore, so should be handled with care. When cracked open, it is a gorgeous blue which sparkles brightly in the sunlight. This blue will fade over time to the sort of violet grey you can see in the photographs.

Galena is denser than other minerals, making it much heavier than it looks. It is brittle and is reasonably easy to crack open. It's a fun thing to do with kids since they get to be amazed by the colours. If you are going to smash it, we recommend covering it with a cloth and wetting it, both of which will prevent particles escaping into the air. You should always wear a mask and protective
goggles when smashing stones.

This Galena has come from the lowlands of Scotland, from the hills themselves. This material is an important silver source, particularly around the Stirling area in Scotland. It has cubic crystal structures which are frequently found in similar formations to “stairs” on calcite.


What's the meaning of Galena?

Galena is one of the best grounding crystals there is. If you feel flighty, nervous, anxious, and often leave your body in your sleep (to your despair), Galena will help. It is a great crystal to have on you during therapy sessions as it stops you getting too lost inside your own head. If you are going
through hospital or dental treatments, galena might be able to provide you with some solace.

When smashed open Galena is glittering and beautiful at its core. The mineral itself is a testament to this. Even if someone cracks you, you are still made of expensive silver. There's a lesson to be meditated on there somewhere.

Is Galena Dangerous?

Galena is not dangerous unless it is powdered. Do not eat it or breathe it in.