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Self-collected and tumbled Green/Green and Red Jasper

These pieces of Scottish Jasper have come through four stages of polishing in the rock tumbler. They are mainly south Lanarkshire river Jasper, but there are a few pieces from ayrshire in there. In general, the darker Jasper reds are Lanarkshire, as are the greens.

These Scottish Jasper crystals show the swirling patterns of different shades of red. They take such a beautiful shine. It's no wonder Scots have polished and sold these stones for generations.

Scottish Jasper is some of the most sought after for jewellery. Commoners would have shone the stones and sold them to passing merchants and as beads. When cleaned, polished, and shaped, this stone makes a fantastic gift, pendant, tumble stone, or centrepiece.

We sell rough Jasper for home tumbling and larger chunks suitable for lapidary slab cutting.

We have had people ask if this is dragon blood Jasper but it is not. Dragon blood Jasper has a green fuschite mineral whereas this is just quartz (as far as we know).

Jasper as a healing crystal

Jasper is said to weed out impurities but in a spiritual sense. It is a gentle way to weed out stress, for example. When held, you can let your negative thoughts bubble to the surface, over the brim, and into the stone. Let Jasper soak up your troubles and bring you back down to the ground. If you don’twant your thoughts to run away with you, a jasper stone in your pocket will remind you of your roots.


Jasper carries the soul of the warrior inside it. The type of power you can derive from it depends on what colour the jasper is. It comes in red, yellow, green, blue, purple, even black and mixtures of them all.

While red jasper is associated with recuperation and gathered strength, yellow jasper has the vibration of the protector. Green jasper is a healer of the mind, a restorer of balance, while purple jasper should be worn partly for courage, and partly to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

1 pc Green/Green & Red Tumbled Scottish Jasper

SKU: 11.090
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