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We don't go fossil hunting often here at TSC. Since fossils represent a moment trapped in time, the particular fossils we pick today will eventually run out. Or rather, they will return to the rock cycle over time and erode away to become new sedimentary material down the line. At any rate we keep collection to a minimum. We stick to ethical minerals in these parts.

The fact is that we will be fossils one day. That's why they are so haunting. This snapshot in time came from East Lothian a couple of years back. It is approximately 330 million years old and was once a part of a coral sea bed, when Scotland had a tropical climate.

Obvs that was a long, long, long, long, long time ago.

This piece featured in a YouTube video when we found it. Watch it here:

Hand Polished Horn Coral Fossil Specimen from Scotland

SKU: 7.77
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