Hand Polished Scottish Agate "The Eye"

Hand Polished Scottish Agate "The Eye"

Spectacular Scottish Pink Fortification Agate
This fortified pink agate is a spectacular specimen that shows you many features of Scottish agates in one piece. It features pink fortification banding around the outside on the bottom, top, and outer edge. The banding is complemented by the central crystal pocket of defined crystals. Deep inside
this crystal pocket there is a spark of red inner fire.

This Scottish Chalcedony Crystal sample has been polished by hand, to a high shine. It was completed in January of 2021, although it was found in 2020. This piece is ready and waiting for a serious collector of Scottish agate, or for the person who will needs that inner spark of fire in their



What’s the Meaning of Agate?

In crystal healing and energy use, agate is said to represent good luck. Wearing agate or keeping some in your pocket, will bring you luck when you are going through hard times. Wear an agate necklace to that job interview and be sure to keep a fragment of it in your glove compartment.

Agate is a fun stone because the layers have different chalcedony colours wrapped in a bubby skin. It has a relaxed, positive vibration, that takes its time to gently seep into your being. Once it’s in there, however, it can heal troubled dreams, help ebb you into meditations easier, and bring spiritual