Hand Polished Scottish Agate Pair "The Ghost"

Hand Polished Scottish Agate Pair "The Ghost"


We have been calling this agate the ghost because of the white clarity of it. You can see the depths of every band, right down into that stunning pocket of crystals. This is a hand-picked, hand-polished (without rotary tools) piece of Scottish agate that will add finesse to any crystal collection.

We have many special agates here, but this particular piece stands out for it's beauty. Reminiscent of Botswana Agate but without the signature greys and reds, this piece came as a whole nodule, found  in the west of Scotland.


What is the meaning of white agate?

White agate carries the clarity of mind brought about by most white crystals. It connects with the crown chakra, so can be used to achieve a higher spiritual vibration through ongoing meditation sessions in crystal healing.

White agate should be used to help you think straight. If you are suffering mental fog, health issues involving your brain, or if you are going into an exam and need to think fast, carrying white agate in your pocket will help you go far.