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Cut Jasper Mineral for Polishing at Home


* Photo shows wet stones*


This piece has some lovely deep reddish jasper colours in beside either calcite or a marble. It has that nice waxen look on the sides that gives the impression of marble. It should polish up to a good shine.


We found this in between lockdowns in 2020. We thought ti might be a Jasp-agate but there's no agate inside. Nevertheless, it's a good cut for a begginner who wants something to polish at home. It's been sliced with a diamond coated blade on the table saw to get as flat a start as possible.


I don't feel the calcite sections would survive a tumble.


This is a new thing for us. We have some sliced open stones that we don't have time to polish. If you want to learn lapidary work or need material to turn into cabochons, this jasper and calcite blend could be ideal.


These two halves are perfectly paired with our eBook guide to hand-polishing.

Jasper and Calcite Cut Stone for Home-Polishing

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