Massive Quartz/Chalcedony Agate Nodule “The Pipe”

Massive Quartz/Chalcedony Agate Nodule “The Pipe”

Shaped as though it were pushed through a pipe, this fine earth mineral was found recently, in Ayrshire. It seems to be a huge crystal pocket with an agate skin, patches of pink, white, and red, Chalcedony, any a thick white agate skin.

This large agate will make an excellent specimen for agate collectors. One of our biggest finds yet, it could be polished and shaped to make bookends.


This agate is big enough to be sliced and is one of our fine earth minerals from Scotland. This means this mineral is truly ethically sourced and can be traced back to its exact point of origin.


What do you use Agate for?

Agate is a lucky stone. In crystal healing, it should be carried to promote optimism when you need it most. Wear it to be luckier, to land a job or to pass a test. Some speculate that the layers, colours, and combinations that make up agates can influence their frequency. Since it is comprised of
different colours, too, it can relate to different chakras.

This white stone will work to balance all chakra points in harmony. There is some red in there, so it promotes things that keep you rooted to the earth.