Molybdenite on Quartz from Scotland

Molybdenite on Quartz from Scotland

Molybdenite on Quartz Crystals

An interesting specimen for the crystal collector, this piece of quartz crystal druse was chipped from a block, out in the lowlands of Scotland (in the middle of a field). We managed to separate it from a larger block, too big to carry home.

It is different in crystalline structure to the Galena samples we find from the same area. Molybdenite has hexagonal plate-like crystals, similar in look and feel to graphite – which we use as pencil lead. It is often produced in the earth as a by-product of natural coppers.

This is a perfect example of a field found crystal specimen. It is uncut, natural, and ready to be shipped to you to join your crystal collection. There is also that lovely quartz crystal druse on the other side, which is what caught our attention in the first place.


What is the meaning of Molybdenite
This crystal is another of the great grounding crystals that we have for sale, found in Scotland. It is a stone of metamorphosis, good to keep you grounded while you go through great changes in your life. Moving home? Starting a new job? Molybdenite will keep your feet on the ground.

It is often used as a chakra balancer, to keep all points balanced and aligned. We do not recommend the use of lead sulphides in crystal healing rituals, although having them in your pocket is just fine.

Molybdenite was actually confused for lead ore when it was first discovered, which is what forever marked it as the grounding stone of change.