Phosphohedyphane/Pyromorphite Specimen from Scotland

Phosphohedyphane/Pyromorphite Specimen from Scotland

Phosphohedyphane and Pyromorphite


Another classic piece from the Southern Uplands of Scotland, this piece has the familiar greens of pyromorphite, yet it also features the bubbling, botryoidal formations of Phosphohedyphane. This is an unusual find for us and occurred in May of 2021. 


This piece is a spectacular example of phosphohedyphane taken from a known locality. Once known as Calcian Pyromorphite, this is a specific type of crystal growth that any crystal collection would benefit from. As far as we are aware, there are few places you can get a piece of this. It is covered in small ball-shaped bubbles intermingled with waves of green crystal.



What is Phosphohedyphane used for? 


This is a light yellow to green crystal that is not often used in healing. Rather than relating to the Heart Chakra, this mineral has the heavy, dense energy of locking you to the earth through a root chakra.