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This crystal necklace is set on an 18 inch sterling silver chain. It should fit most necks. It has a sterling silver bail from back in the day when I made jewelry. It would make a lovely Christmas gift.

The stone is a pink pectolite crystal, which came from Ayrshire. There is a card with the details inside the box. The stone was collected by Katriona then hand polished in October. We have learned to drill the hole before the polish since not all stones make it.

This stone was a third attempt on the drill. However, that black line across the centre really makes it individual. There's also a pin sized hole on the back that runs out the side. We didn't do that. This is an all natural pectolite Hagstone.

Pink pectolite is good for the heart chakra. It's a soft, gentle, encouraging Scottish crystal. It comes from the same family as larimar. Crystal healing with pink pectolite can help soothe trust barriers and ease heartbreak.

Pink pectolite is a nice alternative to rose quartz. This necklace is as pretty as we could make it. Fingers crossed that it goes to someone who really needs it.

Pink pectolite necklace, sterling silver bail and chain, 18 inch

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