Polished Australian Mookaite

Polished Australian Mookaite

Polished Australian Mookaite

Mookaite can only be found in Western Australia in the outskirts of Mooka Creek, about 600 miles north of Perth, hence the name Mookaite.


An Aboriginal Mother Earth stone, the word “Mooka” refers to “running waters,” pointing to the many natural springs found in the area of its origin. It goes by many names: Mookaite, Mook Jasper, Moukite, Mookalite, or just Mook. However, the locals of Mooka Creek named it “Mookaite”.

Mookaite is formed by the presence of fossilised microorganisms named radiolaria. These single cell organisms were washed ashore as silt, which solidified over thousands of years in some spectacular colours.


Mookaite can be red and yellow, cream and white, can be brown or mauve or purple. Often, the colours in the crystal reflect the colours in the Australian landscape.

This piece of Mookaite that we have in stock was found in this region of Australia by one of our founders (who spent some time travelling the world). It has been smoothly hand polished to a wonderful shine and makes for a perfect example specimen of mookaite from this region.

What does Mookaite mean?

Some people choose mookaite as their grounding stone since it has such a close relation with the earth of this region of Australia. If you have Australian roots, it can be used this way. Mookaite has a deep natural vibration that helps you reconnect with the earth element.

Out-with this, mookaite crystals mean stabilisation in times of change. They carry the strength and stability of jasper, the resilience in times where you may feel uncertain. It carries the strength and wisdom of the ages. When you need to conjoin yourself back to reality, carry Mookaite in your pocket.