Pure Black Cairngorm Quartz Crystal Chunk

Pure Black Cairngorm Quartz Crystal Chunk

This cairngorm quartz piece is so dark it is almost black. We can’t tell you how much clarity it has, it’s just too black. It has been in our collection for about three years now, but we haven’t got round to listing it. It is from the southern highlands of Scotland, where you will struggle to find any darker crystals than this.


The piece is about 50 grams in weight and fits nicely in the palm.




Cairngorm Quartz is Legendary


Cairngorm Quartz from the iconic Scottish Mountain range itself is rare to see outside of the UK. We can ship it worldwide so that those with their roots in the Scottish wilderness can claim back a piece of the homeland. This mineral is known throughout the globe for being so dark it can be black. It is transparent and cloudy in places, milky and clear. It is frequently found with mica attached, which can be golden or green based on our picking areas.




What Chakra point is Cairngorm Quartz used with?

If you are a crystal healer on the lookout for some of the strongest quartz on the planet, then look no further. This black piece has the same absorbent energy as a slice of black tourmaline. If it wasn’t for the crystal structure, we might mistake it. This will soak up negativity like a sponge. Consider it as if you were pouring your bad emotions into a tin of Vantablack. That’s how it feels in your hand.


As to the Chakra point, The Cairngorm is a shape shifter. It can be smoky enough to be yellow, which makes some say you should align it with the solar plexus chakra. When it is black like this, we would graduate towards the root chakra instead. Quartz is your master healer, too, so could theoretically be used with any of your chakra points.