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The pyrite crystal smile is an interesting rock and an old favourite. This has been on the window ledge for about two years now. Somewhere on TikTok there is a video of Katriona half way up a pile of rocks, laughing because the pyrite was smiling back at her. Ever since then it has been providing visitors with smiles.

The Scottish pyrite Smile came from Dumfries and Galloway around 2021/2. There comes a rock saturation point in life where you just have to start getting rid of stuff to clear the shelves, otherwise we'd be holding onto this one.

This rock has pyrite dust set into a calcite base. It's heavy for its size due to the iron, around 2-300 grams. There are pretty quartz crystals on the back that sparkle in the light.

Pyrite Smile

SKU: Bxxi
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