Pyromorphite on a Bed of Quartz

Botryoidal Pyromorphite Crystals on Scottish Milky Quartz

We are delighted to present this beautiful green quartz-based mineral. Pyromorphite typically forms narrow, hexagonal crystals of varying depths of light green through yellow colouring. This form of pyromorphite is unique in its structure. Each of our crystals for sale is unique, but this piece takes
the prize.

Botryoidal crystals are those which appear as though they are made of bubbles. A bubbled crystal formation is sometimes called globular when it is made from Pyromorphite crystals. This green mineral is layered on top of the quartz so that it appears as though green quartz were bubbling up
through the white.

This is a special piece from the Southern Uplands of Scotland, at one of our many sites for rock hunting. The Southern Uplands sport an area known as “Gods Treasure House”, which features many rocks and minerals of this nature.

Pyromorphite can contain mimetite or vanadinite in small quantities. This specimen seems to be the light green to yellow we associate when the mineral is alone.



Pyromorphite Crystals for Healing:

When you use Pyromorphite as healing crystals, it is said that it will amplify the volume of other crystals. As a lead chlorophosphite ore, this crystal for protection and healing should be used for grounding. This specimen is sturdy, robust, and energising.

The meaning of pyromorphite is related to stamina, longevity, and the strength you need to pursue your dreams. If you have trouble following through with your actions, try meditation with the green
pyromorphite over the green heart chakra. That earth energy will root your heart into your actions and spur you on to greater things.

Pyromorphite as a healing crystal is fantastic for the procrastinator. Keep this gemstone on your desk for daily inspiration.