Quartz/Calcite Cluster from Idar Oberstein

Quartz/Calcite Cluster from Idar Oberstein

Quartz/Calcite Cluster from Idar Oberstein (Germany)

“The Dragon”


This is another of our fantastic German pieces, although this one hails from a quarry in Idar Oberstein. It was picked from the famous Juchem quarry by our world traveling founder.

The piece itself has travelled all the way from Germany to the UK and has sustained no damage. It features distinct calcite crystals and light yellow quartz crystals, clustered on a perfectly sliced host rock.

Ideal as a paper weight, as a feature piece, or as a crystal specimen example from a world-famous quarry, this piece has earned the nickname “the Dragon” because the triangular calcite formations resemble dragon scales. It features a variety of other formations too, including a stair-like calcite
formation and some very unusual clusters.

This is an immaculate piece from a world-renowned quarry. Snap it up from the Stone Circle before someone else gets it!


What does Calcite mean in Crystal Healing?

Calcite is a great healing crystal which aims to balance and repair emotional damage. Much like the alabaster of old, it is ground to dust by builders and used to repair cracks in other brickwork.

Similarly, we can use it on our psyche to heal past wounds.

Carry calcite in your pocket if you are trying to repair a relationship or when the boss calls you in to their office.