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Rose Quartz Crystal Pieces

You can now buy rose quartz crystals online from the Stone Circle. We found a handful of chunks at a local antique centre, labelled as Namibian Rose Quartz.


Thus far, we haven’t found pure rose quartz in Scotland (but we will keep looking). Each piece is around the 25-30g mark and has a lovely rose colour that seems to radiate from the centre.

We researched mining practises in Namibia and found that mining practises in this region are of benefit to the local people. Some own stakes and gem hunting is encouraged to supplement incomes.


Many crystals, such as tourmaline, rose quartz, and amethyst, are recovered by the locals – the only ones who know how to survive out there. Delightfully, some miners find rose quartz crystals in Namibia via dowsing. This ancient practise is considered run-of-the-mill by the tribes, but outstanding by rock hunters who visit from all over the world.

You can read more about Namibian crystals on Mindat. In the meantime, pick up some Rose Quartz as a treat to yourself.


These rose quartz chunks may be used for lapidary work, cut into cabochons,
used in crystal healing, or can be worked into pendants. These are nothing like the glass fakes that have been going around.

How do you tell a fake Rose Quartz?

The best way to test a fake rose quartz is to look for bubbles on the interior of the crystal. If you can see bubbles, your rose quartz is fake. Some people try to pass the bubbles off as inclusions, but inclusions usually contain another mineral. If the bubbles are clear, they aren’t inclusions.

Next, you can spot fake rose quartz by the ‘glow’ the crystal has. Real rose quartz isn’t pink. There isn’t a piece you can point to and say yes, that’s where the pink is coming from. It seems to be pink on the inside, emitting a soft glow to the outside. If it is evenly pink throughout with no clouding, it
probably isn’t real rose quartz.

Third and by no means finally, fake rose quartz doesn’t have rainbow refractions in it. The tiny rainbows in our quartz pieces are caused by cracks in the mineral over time. A fake rose quartz won’t have these… usually.

Aa fake rose quartz crystal might pass one of the above tests, but it won’t pass all three. Know your crystals – or take a pic, upload it to Instagram, and tag us with #thestonecircle for our advice n whether or not the crystal is real.


What does Rose Quartz Mean in Crystal Healing?

Generally believed to be intrinsically connected to the heart chakra, rose quartz crystals are said to be the stones of unconditional, universal love. People have long since favoured its light pink colour as a symbol of love and this feeling has stuck.


Now, this crystal should be worn when making connections, going on dates, or reassuring someone who is grieving. Giving a piece of rose quartz is akin to giving a piece of your heart away. Be careful who you choose to give it to.

Rough Rose Quartz Chunks

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30 Grams
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