Scottish Amethyst Cluster

Scottish Amethyst Cluster

This large piece of Scottish amethyst is palm sized. It was found during a trip to the south of Scotland, up in the hills. It has some beautifully deep colour right in the centre. Each of our crystals are individual and unique but these amethyst clusters for sale are particularly special.

The bottom of this piece is a criss-cross pattern. We have been told it is epimorphic and it looks like calcite. Perfect for the crystal collector looking for a typical (but beautiful) Scottish amethyst specimen.

This amethyst is as ethically sourced as you can get.


Amethyst Healing Properties

The meaning behind wearing amethyst has its roots in ancient Europe, where it was worn by the Greeks to try and stay sober. Naturally, it didn’t work – but they were on the right track.

Amethyst is associated with the violet crown chakra, is ideal for use during deep spiritual meditations, and can help the user progress onto the next stage of their metaphysical journey. It’s known to be soothing to the thoughts, so those plagued with negative thinking should try an amethyst necklace or keep some in their pocket.