Scottish Amethyst Pendant

Scottish Amethyst Pendant

Scottish Amethyst Pendant Necklace

This Amethyst chip came from Ayrshire, in Scotland. It was picked in December 2020 by one of our own founders, along with some other agate chips. This was the only piece of Amethyst crystal found that day.

Scottish Amethyst is a rarity and this single piece proves it. It is roughly point shaped, so it was likely smashed out of an Ayrshire agate by time and the elements. We picked it up, cleaned it, and noticed the delicate shape of the piece. We then wire wrapped it in silver-plated wire and set it on a silver-plated necklace.

It is a delicate piece on an 18-inch chain. The wire wrapping is tidy, the stone is excellent, and you have the benefit of knowing that your crystal has been 100% ethically sourced.



What is the meaning of Amethyst?

Believe it or not, Ancient civilizations thought it should be worn to help you stay sober. If you were struggling with addiction, you would wear amethyst rings on your drinking hand. Amethyst is a variety of quartz that becomes purple through varying degrees of blue and red producing minerals in the soil around it. Essentially, amethyst crystals are quartz crystals that Mother Earth dyed herself.

What does it mean? It has long been cherished for jewellery making and captures the deep purple hues associated with luxury, opulence, and wealth. It is derived from quartz, the master crystal, which allows it to act as a powerful protection stone.

Spiritual people tend to use this crystal for dream work, since it relates to the violet of the crown chakra. It is a good meditation stone… but don’t put it under your pillow if you really need a good, deep sleep.

Don’t forget that you can pick up one of our genuine Scottish hagstones (or see the blog post) for extra protection that you can wear around your neck if you want to.