Scottish Cedar Wood Pendant

Scottish Cedar Wood Pendant

Cedar Wood Pendant

All-natural, ethically and sustainably sourced, our Cedar Wood Pendants were taken from a tree that had fallen across a pathway. The park rangers had chopped the tree into sections to remove it and we made use of some of the branches.

The pendants are cut with a hand saw, polished to our usual fine shine, and have been holed for the purpose of pushing the waxed cotton lace through it. We do not use leather lace here; we like to cause as little carbon impact as possible.

This product is a cedar wood disk. The cedar contains camphor and lemony overtones, which are extremely fragrant. When polished like this, the cedar wood can keep its refreshing scent for up to 7 years. If you want to refresh the scent, simply sand the top layer of the wood with a piece of fine grade sandpaper.

When suspended in a closet, these Cedar Wood Pendants from The Stone Circle Shop, make your clothes smell wonderful. They can be kept in your sock drawer, worn around the neck for an all-day fresh scent, or even placed in the car as an all-natural air freshener.