Scottish Druzy Quartz Crystal Cluster

Scottish Druzy Quartz Crystal Cluster

Scottish Druzy Quartz Crystal Cluster

This is a raw quartz cluster with a gorgeous drusy formation and beautifully pronounced quartz point crystals in it. This piece sparkles in the light so much that we pulled it out of the standard drusy quartz pieces to showcase on its own. It has 6 distinct clusters of quartz crystals on it, making it one of our better pieces.

Rock hunted from the Southern Uplands of Scotland at the tail end of 2020, this stunning quartz cluster for sale is clear in some parts, milky in other parts, and has a smokiness in the centre. This crystal has been removed from the ground by the Stone Circle team, brought home, and washed for your use. It is a genuinely ethically sourced quartz cluster which we found ourselves.

This is one of our all-natural Scottish crystal, minerals, and gemstones, which we ship internationally.


The Druzy Quartz Benefits for Crystal Healers

A druzy quartz formation occurs when small-yet-pronounced quartz crystals grow in cluster patterns on a host rock. The quartz attaches itself to the host rock, grows into something fantastic, and often chips away in its own time. A drusy quartz cluster is a perfect example of how your master crystal can affect change over time.

When you need clarity of thought and forward thinking, steadiness and stability in your life, put a druzy quartz cluster somewhere prominent in your living space. The Druzy quartz meaning is one of gradual growth and healing change. As it is a quartz, it is a master crystal, which is said to amplify the frequencies of other crystals.

In general, drusy quartz is used to bring peace and tranquillity to lengthy emotional changes. If times seem tough, pick up one of our drusy quartz pieces to help speed the return of balance into your life.


Why Buy Scottish Drusy Quartz Crystals?

What makes quartz from The Stone Circle special? That it has been taken from the wilderness in Scotland, from the high places and the secret places, and it has been washed then delivered to you.

It is clean in energy, having the effect on your chakra that Shilajit has on your body.