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We picked this up last Thursday (7th December 2023) on a rock hunting trip to Ayrshire. We only recently started picking up this flint like material recently. Geological studies of the area show it is not true flint at all, but a mixture of chalcedony and flint. Tiktok followers even suggested sardonyx.

What's particularly special about this flint is that it has two large cavities infilled with a beautiful blanket of sparkling Drusy crystals. Is it quartz? Flint? Sardonyx? Chalcedony? We don't know for sure. What we do know is that it is beautiful enough to have stopped us in our tracks.

Flint is for making bushcraft tools with. Chip it into shape for arrowheads, axe heads, knives, and more. It came from Ayrshire where we find lots of red and blue flint. This piece was so massive and unexpected we brought it out the river for home.

Scottish Flint with Druzy Cavities

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