Scottish Golden Drusy Quartz Crystal

Scottish Golden Drusy Quartz Crystal

Scottish Golden Drusy Quartz Crystal

Found in the hills to the south of Scotland, this piece of druzy quartz has been stained a beautiful golden yellow colour by the natural colourants in the soil. Minerals like iron, hematite, and even a little heat down there in the earth, can cause this golden colour.

This piece has exceptional small crystals, all clustered together in rounded heads. We sometimes nickname this “cauliflower” quartz, because the heads resemble the shapes of the crystal growths. It coats the host rock on all but one part, which makes it a great Scottish crystal specimen for collectors interested to see how the crystals form on the rock over time.

The sample is fairly lightweight, flat-bottomed, self-collected, and about three inches by 2.


If it’s yellow quartz, isn’t it citrine?

No, it is not citrine. True citrine is found in only a few places on earth. You should be able to tell the difference between mineral stained or heat treated quartz and citrine by the consistency of the colour.

We’d just like to remind everyone that we will never sell you a dyed, fake, or treated crystal. When we sell minerals stained in odd colours, it’s because the earth made them that way and that’s how we dug them up!

In addition, if we do manage to find a true citrine here in Scotland, we will sing it from the rooftops.