Scottish Pink Pectolite Cabochons

Scottish Pink Pectolite Cabochons

Pink Pectolite from Scotland

Our hand-picked pink pectolite crystals have come from Ayrshire, where we have a main source in the west. Pink Pectolite from Scotland makes a delightful gift for a lady. It is rarer than rose quartz, it takes a great polish, and we sell a range of rough Pink Pectolite specimens, polished cabochons, polished specimens, and wire wrapped pieces.

This naturally pink stone has a linear crystal structure. When viewed from the top, the pattern is almost honeycomb in texture. When viewed from the side, the crystals are linear, parallel, and stacked on top of one another to form the stone itself.

Pink Pectolite is essentially the same crystal as Larimar, with the only differences being the colour, and where you can find it. The crystalline structures of Larimar and Pink Pectolite are the same, probably because Larimar is just a name we use to describe Pectolite when it is that vibrant blue- green shade. While Larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic, Pink Pectolite has a few known sources.

Each piece of pectolite you buy from us will range in colour from a noticeably light pink to a deeper salmon pink. They will have been washed in warm soapy water, before being hand-shaped on a rough grit. They are then buffed to a shine using our secret polishing techniques. No machinery is used in our preparation of the stones with the sole exception of those which have been holed as pendants.


The Meaning of Pink Pectolite

When used as a healing crystal, Pectolite is a wisdom stone. It is used to draw focus together, to ease guilt and draw you back into balance. It is a stone of peace that will help absorb stress for you. When worn, you can feel it heating beyond your body warmth at times of your life when it is needed most.


Pectolite comes in several colours, as we mentioned, the deep blues and greens of Larimar are one. We come across the occasional piece of yellow pectolite, but it can be pink, grey, white, orange, or brown. Most of the pieces we find are either pink or salmon pink. As with all stones of this variety, each colour of pectolite has a different meaning.

While pink pectolite is a stone of emotional wisdom, white pectolite represents a more literal wisdom. Yellow pectolite is a protective stone, while orange pectolite will nurture your creativity. If you want to stabilise your life, perhaps your living situation or relationship, grey pectolite is best. Larimar is an excellent meditation stone, but so is our pink pectolite.

    20 Grams