Scottish Pyromorphite Specimen

Scottish Pyromorphite Specimen

Scottish Pyromorphite Specimen


This brightly coloured piece of Pyromorphite came from the Southern Uplands of Scotland, where pyromorphite is known to be in plentiful supply. 


Although the crystals are small, the vibrant green of this pyromorphite crystal for sale is undeniably beautiful. It is an exceptional example of the type of pyromorphite you find in Scotland and comes in its own display tin.


This piece is about an inch by an inch and a half. 



A Little Pyromorphite Information


Pyromorphite is one of the mineral species that is composed of lead chlorophosphite. Although not dangerous, it can be if smashed up and inhaled. So don’t smash your specimens!


Pyromorphite is related to mimetite and vanadinite but was first named in 1813 after discovery in 1784.


Although not known for its beauty, there are crystal collectors who cherish the bright greens, yellows, and browns. Pyromorphite has a hardness of between 3.5 and 4 on the Mohs scale. It is usually brittle and can be either transparent or translucent. 



What is Pyromorphite used for?


Pyromorphite is said to be good for boosting emotional healing and for nurturing creativity. Some say the metaphysical purpose of pyromorphite is to reconnect you with the people and things you have lost touch with, while others say the heavy leaden properties make it good at earthing.