Scottish Quartz/Agate Geode Piece

Scottish Quartz/Agate Geode Piece

Quartz/Agate Geode Piece

This large, drusy piece of quartz, has a very light purple hue to it. On the bottom, you can see the agate skin as it has been in the rock. This agate/quartz nodule portion came from Ayrshire, where we believe you get some of the finest agates in the world. This particular example glitters in the
sunlight and carries a hint of amethyst, deep inside.

The piece is about three inches long by two wide (palm-sized) and is a totally natural crystal. It was found recently in one of our favourite crystal hunting locations in Scotland. It is a stunning, glitzy piece that will look fantastic in any crystal collection. Better yet, it carries the fresh, active, outdoors
spirit of the Scots.

If you think about it, this nodule was on the earth at the same time as William Wallace. All of our minerals were…


What does a Quartz Agate Geode Mix Mean?

Quartz is the master stone, amplifying the energy of the others around it. Agate is a chalcedony, which you can find out more about in our agate blog post. Agate (chalcedony) can vary in vibration according to the colours of the bands. Carnelian, the fire stone, for example, is a type of chalcedony.

Funnily enough, many crystal sellers online will tell you that chalcedony brings peace, harmony, and a sense of rightness with the world. They will also go on to tell you how agate means different things depending on the colours within.

Agate and chalcedony are the same mineral. Just saying.