Scottish Quartz Cluster "The Hedgehog"

Scottish Quartz Cluster "The Hedgehog"

"The Hedgehog"

The Hedgehog was found in early 2020, in the Southern Uplands of Scotland. We are there regularly, exploring the hills and looking for goodies.

“The Hedgehog” has been a favoured piece for a while now, taking pride of place in our alcove. The alcove is where we keep the crystals we’re not ready to part with quite yet. It is small but perfectly formed. It has a flat bottom so sits nice and has lovely spiky points that reach out all over… just like a


All natural drusy quartz crystal clusters from Scotland are as back-to-nature as you can get with a crystal. They have been sourced from one of two locations, either in the Southern Highlands or in the Southern Uplands. Each of these rough crystal clusters has been cleaned to the best of our ability, will be between 15 and 80 grams, and has been found by us, on one of our trips.

Natural quartz is common in Scotland, but drusy quartz crystal clusters are less common. They have been found or dug out on our adventures and vary in everything. They usually come in white but we have the odd red, yellow, or dark drusy crystals.

Each of the drusy rough quartz crystals we have for sale are imperfect. They range from being beautifully white in nature, to being darker smoky quartz druses. Some have calcite formations on them, some have chalcopyrite or pyrite flecks, and others are naturally stained by the iron oxides in the soil.


What does Drusy Quartz mean in crystal healing?

Quartz is considered to be a master stone that amplifies intention. It can be used to amp up the volume of your manifestations, to help you with clarity and purpose, and to improve focus. They say that a piece of quartz placed near your computer will help it to run properly.