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This is a quartz point which was once two quartz points but who lost it's other half... something most of us can relate to. This wee crystal has been through the wars a bit, but it's a tough one. The point is nicely defined, with evidence of other minerals on it.


This Scottish quartz crystal is lowland quartz. It came from down south in the Dumfries & Galloway region. This end of the country has fantastic mineralisation. This piece would be from 2021. I only did a single trip to this area in February 2022 and that lot still hasn't been washed yet. I wash a lot of rocks.


As you know, quartz is the master stone in crystal healing, amplifying the volume of those around it.


You can learn more about Scottish quartz on the TSC blog. We also sell Scottish Highlands smoky quartz in our shop either by the single piece or in 500 grams Scottish Highland quartz bundles, ideal for home tumbling or lapidary work. We ship internationally, too.

Scottish Quartz Point plus halved crystal

SKU: 6.6720
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