Scottish Quartz Points

Scottish Quartz Points

Our Scottish Quartz crystal points have all been sourced from the southern uplands. They come in their natural state and can have slight imperfections.

These natural quartz points weigh between 10 and 50 grams. Our rough crystal points come in varying degrees of clarity – but all came from the genuine dirty clay of a Scottish hill.


They have been cleaned, wrapped up, and are waiting on your order.
Scottish natural quartz crystal points are rare, especially ones that haven’t come from a mine. No ecology was damaged in the digging of these crystals. Any loose earth was put back where it came before we left. These are ethically sourced with the only carbon imprint the fuel it took to get


The Meaning of Quartz Points

These are excellent meditation stones as they bring clarity to any sense of purpose. Quartz is typically used as a master stone, capable of amplifying the focus of your intentions. If you are manifesting, try using a quartz point to boost the volume.

    30 Grams