Scottish Smoky Quartz Cluster

Scottish Smoky Quartz Cluster

Scottish Smokey Druzy Quartz Cluster

This rough smokey quartz crystal cluster is from the southern uplands, not in the Cairngorms where you would expect to find such depth of colour. It is a fairly rare earth mineral that will make an excellent, uncut crystal addition for your collection.

This crystal for sale is around three inches by two. It has plenty of uniquely shaped, outstanding crystals in a drusy pattern covering host rock.


What does Smoky Quartz Mean?

Quartz is a master stone, meaning that it is a crystal used in healing, capable of bringing clarity of thought and amping up intentions of other stones. It is one of the harder minerals, and is a base for many different crystal groups.


Almost all crystal collections start with quartz. The smokey quartz meaning is one of great grounding energy. It will root you deep in place, while
working hard to banish your worries and fears. It absorbs negativity, with some witches reporting that the quartz gets cloudier, the harder it works.

If you expect to deal with a lot of negativity that day, carry smoky quartz in your pocket to disperse some of it. If you have a job where you experience terrible things, but then solve those terrible situations, you should put a huge lump of smoky on your desk. Social workers, Job centre staff, charity workers, all need more smoky quartz in their lives.