Scottish Smoky Quartz Crystal Drusy

Scottish Smoky Quartz Crystal Drusy

Stunning Scottish Smoky Quartz Crystal Drusy


This druzy smokey quartz crystal has come straight from the hills of Scotland. Found in the Dumfries and Galloway area, this gorgeous, sparkling smoky quartz crystal is one of the best druzy pieces we have ever found… and that’s high praise indeed.

The crystals on this piece are beautifully formed in the darkest black smoky we have come across. The piece is flat-bottomed, self-collected, clean as a whistle, and ready to go home with you.

Place this Scottish quartz cluster under a light to see it dazzle and shine. Perfect as a unique gift for anyone with Scottish roots, or ideal as a Scottish crystal specimen for your cabinet. This is an ideal piece for your crystal collection that you can be 100% sure has been ethically sourced.


Where do you find smoky quartz in Scotland?

We live in a land where you can literally pick a mountain and go find some quartz. Most of our smokey comes from the Southern Highlands and the Cairngorms, but some also comes from the south.

Scottish smokey quartz crystals for sale here at the stone circle, still carry the wilderness about them. They are as new, and as old, as a crystal can be. Use this quartz to sharpen your thoughts, study better, enhance other crystal’s powers, and generally look good on your mantlepiece.