Water Worn Pottery Lot

Water Worn Pottery Lot

Pottery Pieces from the Scottish Waterways

Blue, green, lilac, white and black pottery pieces that we have found all over Scotland during our rock hunting adventures.

We know that the blue and white pottery pieces were popular in the 19 th century, and that they have been in the water long enough for the edges to wear down and round off. We don’t have any information on the green or lilac emblazoned river pottery for sale, but we know that it’s pretty!

We put this on as one lot for any budding artists that make things with broken pottery or sea glass.

Think of it as sea glass with a difference… and an awful lot rarer to boot.

Don’t forget that you can follow some of our adventures on YouTube, where you may even spot us picking up your pottery pieces.


Where can I buy Sea Glass in the UK?
If you keep an eye on the page, we will soon have enough sea glass that you can buy it right here at the Stone Circle Mineral Shop. Better bookmark the page so you don’t lose us!