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Scottish Quartz Druzy Crystal

This is another lovely example of the quartz clusters you can find in southern Scotland. This is a Dumfriesshire piece which captures the beauty of the lowland hills that it comes from. The crystals are a little too small to be a true cluster, but a little too big to be a true druzy. They shimmer under daylight and will sparkle in a lit display cabinet.

This piece came from the hills of Dumfries and Galloway. It features white Druzy crystals on a blanket all over. It's an interesting formation.

Quartz in Crystal Healing

Crystal healers use quartz on any of the chakra points. The belief is that quartz crystals turn up the strength of other crystals that you might use. Scottish quartz carries the spirit of the wilderness. When we asked our audience what they used our quartz for, they said it was a protective, nurturing stone. We agree, but think it also has the ferocity of the Scottish mountains.

If you'd like a random quartz drusy so that we intuitively pick one for you, you can see this listing for quartz drusy from the Stone Circle crystal store. If you would like to learn more about quartz, you can read about it in our blog. If you like this crystal and want to check out a similar one, this piece is close but whiter. Otherwise, have a great day.

Sparkling Quartz Crystal Drusy

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