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We thought it might be nice to offer one lot of the three colours of Jasper. These are ideal for tumbling as a rough stone. The yellow piece is Ayrshire Jasper while the red and red/green pieces are from South Lanarkshire.

Jasper is a type of microcrystalline quartz which has the same hardness rating. Green jasper is used to promote balance as a healing stone. Red Jasper is protective while yellow Jasper promotes joyful energies in your life. Some say it captures the sun.

These are interesting pieces that look best wet. If you don't want to do the polishing work, you could apply an oil to shine them for display. The colours are most vibrant when polished, oiled, or wet. I took photos wet and dry so you know what to expect. These Jasper stones are perfect for further lapidary work and the green one has interesting patterns.

Tri-colours Jasper Stone

SKU: Bw3
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