Yowah Opal Cabochons

Yowah Opal Cabochons

Yowah Opal Cabochons from Australia

We have a limited array of Yowah opal cabochons in stock which one of our founders picked up in a crystal collection.

The Yowah Opal is an opal from a certain region of Australia. In the Yowah area there are several mines, all of which seek this highly prized, colourful opal. The Yowah region is famous for a type of ironstone nut, inside which the opal has formed. These fine opal cabochons for sale were formed millennia ago and have been shaped and polished, ready to be inserted into necklaces.



The Meaning of Opal

Opal has a bit of a crazy energy for the untrained wearer. It is lucky, indicative of good health, and can mean hope, purity, and truth, depending on which culture you approach it from. Opal can connect you to your higher self, which can teach you fundamentals you never knew when used in meditation.

Opal shares an intense connection with the earth and creativity. It is the stone that was left over after all the colours were made… it is therefore the stone to wear if you have a creative block. It is one of the most sought-after stones in the world – more valuable than gold.

You should not wear opal all the time. It would have the same effect as keeping your third eye open while you did the shopping.