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The Stone Circle: Where Self-Collected Scottish Crystals find their Way Home.

“Every crystal belongs somewhere. It’s our job to put them out into the world.”

Crystals - Rocks - Minerals



Here at The Stone Circle, we are on a mission to distribute mountain-grade crystals. We don’t just
have any old crystals for sale, we go out into the Scottish mountains ourselves to pick them. As well
as supplying other rare earth minerals from different locations, our focus is on finding beautiful healing crystals in the wilderness and passing them on to those who need them most.

We passionately believe that each Scottish crystal we dig from the ground or collect from the mountains,  is imbued with a natural energy that is rare to find in the world of crystal sales.

Each piece of our genuine Scottish agate is unique, each Southern Highland smoky quartz chunk hand-picked, and each druzy amethyst cluster specifically picked out, from our home to yours.

The Stone Circle Crystals are:

  •  Interesting, creative gifts

  • Found by us, for you

  •  Exceptionally special

  •  Polished by hand unless otherwise stated

  • We come across international crystals too, but we try to keep the Scottish rocks 90%+


You can now find The Stone Circle on Etsy!

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Ethically Sourced Scottish Crystals

The Stone Circle offer crystals and minerals which are hand-picked from fields, mountains, hills, and rivers. There is no mining involved. Rehome a rock now to give yourself something to look forward to.

Regular TSC favourites include:

  • Scottish Amethyst from Dumfriesshire

  • Scottish Highlands Smokey quartz and lowland quartz.

  • Jasper from the rivers and forests.

  • Lapidary Materials

  • Rough Stones

  • Scottish fossils

  • International/recycled crystals from old crystal collections.

  • And occasionally sell rocks sourced  from other Scottish and British mineral collectors.


We collect as ethically as possible, taking few pieces and replacing/replenishing rocks where we can. We avoid protected areas, observe collecting codes, and take away plastic and other rubbish while we hunt for Scottish Crystals. 

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