“Every crystal belongs somewhere. It’s our job to put them out into the world.”

The Stone Circle


The Stone Circle: Where every Crystal Finds its Home

Here at The Stone Circle, we are on a mission to distribute mountain-grade crystals. We don’t just
have any old crystals for sale, we go out into the Scottish mountains ourselves to pick them. As well
as supplying other rare earth minerals from different locations, our focus is on finding beautiful healing crystals in the wilderness and passing them on to those who need them most.

We passionately believe that each Scottish crystal we dig from the ground or collect from the mountains,  is imbued with a natural energy that is rare to find in the world of crystal sales.

Each piece of our genuine Scottish agate is unique, each Cairngorm quartz chunk hand-picked, and each druzy quartz cluster specifically picked out, from our home to yours.

The Stone Circle Crystals are:

  •  Interesting, creative gifts

  •  Exceptionally special

  •  All-natural, never dyed

  •  Polished by hand

Order our exceptional crystals today and see for yourself!

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